Romancing Your Purpose

creating a passionate relationship with purpose at mid-life & beyond

The Visioning Process in Process

I’ve been doing lots of musing this past week about what it would look like – feel like – to truly follow my inner guidance system instead of trying to make my process fit someone’s else’s system. What would that feel like? You know I’m a planner addict and I love to have a plan […]

The Art of Rearranging Your Heart

I’ve been having a hard time of it lately. I’m in the midst of one of those life transitions that requires me to rearrange the way my heart beats in my life. My daughter is going to college. This is a happy thing. She’s going to school at the university where I work. This makes […]

From Desire to Action: Part 4 – Action

We have arrived at Action! And here’s what I want to say about action: It’s required. Without action, all of the other stuff that I wrote about in the first three posts in this series is just dreaminess and wishing. One of my favorite acting teachers used to say, “Do the doing truthfully and for […]

From Desire to Action: Part 3 – Declaration & Commitment

I’m on vacation! Hoo-rah! I’m in Traverse City, MI staring at East Grand Traverse Bay from the balcony of our condo. It’s 6:00 AM and everyone else is asleep. It’s a little chilly. I’m drinking coffee that’s gritty with grounds because I’ve lost the ability to actually brew coffee without a one-cup-coffee-pod brewing system. But […]

Cards and photos on my desk

From Desire to Action: Part 2 – Choice

Choice is the most difficult step for me. I always want to choose everything which means I end up choosing nothing. The thing that upsets me about making a choice is that by saying ‘Yes’ to one thing, we have to say ‘No’ to other things. I tried to do it all for a long […]

From Desire to Action: Part 1

I was going to title this From Desire to Done, but I don’t believe purpose can ever be ‘done’. This is semantics, I know. But words are powerful. Also, I used up well over 1000 words covering only the first two sections of what I wanted to share, so this will be a multi-part post […]

Picture of 4 notebooks, pens and iPad on table

Confessions of a Notebook Junkie

I’m a notebook fiend, a planner collector, and a pen freak. Joyfully, through the mediums of FB, Pinterest, and Instagram, I’ve found that I’m not alone. The Stationary Store Tribe is strong on the interwebs. Office Supply Junkies and Pen Nerds, unite! Just in case there are more of you among us, I thought I’d […]

Where did my purpose go?

Before I take a deeper dive into the adventure of purpose, I thought it would be helpful to look at the backstory. How did I get here? Are there familiar pitfalls? Where are the hidden traps? Are there detours I can avoid? Apologies I think it’s interesting that I feel the need to make this […]

My Go-To Mid-Life Mantras

A mantra is a seed. A little thought or idea that you can plant in your head to clear out the weeds. Most people will receive a mantra from a guru or teacher, but I tend to find mine in odd places. Okay, I admit I found two of them on Facebook, but that is […]

Ending the Fixation on Fixing

I have spent a metric crap ton of my lifetime trying to fix myself. Fix all the things. My weight. My hair. Notice I start with the physical. I was going to revise that to show you that I understand that it’s what is inside us that matters – but, I’m a woman who is […]