The Visioning Process in Process

I’ve been doing lots of musing this past week about what it would look like – feel like – to truly follow my inner guidance system instead of trying to make my process fit someone’s else’s system. What would that feel like? You know I’m a planner addict and I love to have a plan and follow a plan and I absorb planning systems like I absorb water. I committed to using the Best Self Planner for a year as an experiment instead of jumping around and using 21 different planners in 12 months like I usually do.
There are a lot of things I like about the Best Self Planner. What I like the most is that it isn’t focused on lists (even though it is, it isn’t) or time. It’s focused on goals, baby steps, and learning as you go. There’s space for gratitude in the morning and the evening and space for self-reflection every day. That’s cool.

Here’s what’s happening. Visioning works better for me than goal setting does. This isn’t just about semantics. It’s about the initiating the process from the inside out instead of the outside in. Visioning, for me, is about engaging with that still small voice and trusting yourself – and working from that place instead of an external “I need to reach this benchmark” place. Yes. I have benchmarks in the vision. And when I look at pastĀ visions, I’m stunned about how many of them I’ve reached. Working with yearly, quarterly, and weekly/daily goals has always made me feel like I’m a round peg trying to hammer myself into square holes. Instead of feeling peace, I feel anxious.

So…I’m switching some things up. I’ve renamed some sections in the Best Self Journal and it already feels like a friendlier place to be. I also created a little vision book that fits in the journal to give myself space to write, doodle and collage my vision. Then, I can take it into the journal weekly and daily.

Here are some of the sections I’ve renamed:

On The Weekly Page:

Habit/Activity is now Areas of Focus

My areas of focus for this week are:

  • Visioning
  • Fantasy Fiction Formula – this is a book on writing fantasy. My W.I.P. is getting a fantasy face lift.
  • Course Work – I’m working on a Romancing Your Purpose workshop.
  • Blog Post – šŸ™‚
  • Art – the mixed media collage class I signed up for starts this week. Eeeeep!

The space where you are supposed to rank how you feel (and why) on a scale of 1 to 10 is now Weekly Vision.

What were your 3 Big Wins for the Week is now, Guidance. I drew three cards from the Sacred Rebels Oracle deck: Guidance for Letting Go, Wisdom Awakening, and Future Unfolding.

This week:

  1. Letting Go: let go of conscious or unconsciousĀ attachment to beliefs and relationship patterns that hold me back from shining my light in the world.
  2. Wisdom Awakening: Accept your visions, ideas, and inspirations are important to your creative and spiritual growth. The vision is possible.
  3. Future Unfolding: You are doing well. That which is worthwhile takes time to build. You are creating something of worth.

The section where it says to review your goals and assess your progress will be reserved for dialogue with my Future Self who knows what’s what when I may not.

And finally, What Was the Biggest Lesson Your Learned This Week – is now, What’s Better?

Also, the weekly pages are set up so that you fill out the Habits/Activity section at the beginning of your week and you write out the rest of the sections at the end of the week after you’ve put check marks next to your Habits/Activities. I’ve split the order of things up more. Today, Sunday which is my beginning of the week, I wrote about my Areas of Focus and filled out the Weekly Vision, and the Guidance section. I will write out the Dialogue and the What’s Better at the end of the week. I may or may not put check marks next to my Areas of Focus.

The dialogue section and the What’s Better section come from Mark Forster’s How to Make Your Dreams Come True.

On the Daily Pages:

Things are staying pretty much as they are with only two sections renamed.

Lessons Learned is now, Dialogue.

Wins is now, What’s Better.

I want to keep the visioning process flowing between weekly and daily. There’s plenty of open space on the Daily Pages to write and muse and doodle and that’s another thing I love about this planner.

I also created a mind map and wrote out my Future Self Vision and taped that into my visioning book which fits very neatly into the Best Self Planner:

All of these little edits and hacks feel more aligned with a process that works for me which is encouraging. It’s always a work in progress. It’s important, I think, to have a process that matches your guidance and flow. It’s the difference again, between feeling pushed (pushing yourself) and feeling pulled and drawn towards your dream. Either way, action is required, this way just feels better to me.

I’m curious to know what systems and/or processes you have that keep you moving towards your passion and purpose.

  • Do you keep spreadsheets?
  • A journal?
  • Do you have a favorite planner?
  • Have you invented your own system?
  • Are your dreams and goals color-coded?

Please share. These systems fascinate me and always motivate me so I’m sure others will be interested too.

Happy visioning, y’all.

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